Getting people to join an event.

I have a problem on my hands.

Sometimes people just don’t join events. ( I posted one a few days and so far only a few people have joined.)

I was wondering if any of you guys have some tips or tricks on getting people to join your event

This is blurred because I realized that putting my event in this post would be deafening the purpose


Try and go for as much realism as possible, make sure your close enough to the featured airports to attract standard users. That’s what I’ve seen in my experience.


Ask @George_Flack, he has created some cool events like storm area 51, steel @DeerCrusher butter and find @schyllberg IKEA manules.


You posted your event a day ago. Give it some time, I’m sure you’ll attract more.

Make sure that your event is like a month away from the day you posted it, that way you’ll have more time for people to come!


I suggest making sure the date and time is reasonable for people, making it stand out with pictures, and have a good title, and make sure it is well organized and it is an airport that people would be interested in.👍😀

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Make a new type of event (for your next event). Don’t pick the usual fly-out/in, be creative. Choose something like escort teams maybe.

For this event, promote it in your existing PMs and when it has enough members (30-40+) it’ll take off.

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PM me with the link, i think i can join ur event bro!

Alright I did.

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As @AlphaSeven said here is my sum of it Patience is key young padawan… events take time to make, time to do ,and it requires time for people to sign up. I have an event posted I only have two signups in multiple days maybe a week. Patience here on the forum and in infinite flight should be your best friend. As my math teacher said you will never escape factoring in math. You will never escape patience in flying.


I think the reason is the date, its Dec 24th… everybody is sharing moments with the fam that day

Yeah that does make sense.

I guess my target audience is people who maybe don’t have anyone else to celebrate with :)

The event I have posted is inJanuary on the 18th but yet I only have two.

Another thing you could do is get a VA sponsorship, for example if it’s an airport like SFO where the event is taking place, something like UVAL would jump on it

Another route you can take is originality, such as the Area 51 fly in

I will join in your next Event

Day of the week matters as well. Weekend events will have more attendees.

I think it’s all about timing

What is even worse to my experience is that people sign up and yet don’t even show up at the time the event starts. 👍

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To answer your question, you must create a more detailed topic and/or have an interesting type of event. Creating a fly out into a more interesting or busy cities will probably contain more attendants. Or else have such event like destination hopping from one airport to another. Having a VA Sponsor your event is also something to increase your gate size. Some events also don’t have more attendants because there is no destination choice to choose in the gate list.

To create a more detailed topic, this is the topic I have first started looking to, and learned more afterwards.

Please compare a more detailed and yet simple event to your topic. Use the show preview to check for any mistakes you have created to your topic.

Here is example topic you might have to look when creating an event:

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