Getting Paid To Plane Spot?! | Melbourne International (YMML)

Getting Paid To Plane Spot?!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this category here on the forum but it’s time to show you how to get paid to plane spot. It’s pretty simple actually. It’s all about getting a job at the airport (especially with an airline) and then finding some downtime between your assigned tasks.

Below are some shots that I’ve captured in the last couple of days at Melbourne International (YMML):

First up we have 9M-MTM, a 9 year old Airbus A330-300 for Malaysia Airlines. This aircraft was pushing back for a more than 6,000+ kilometre journey to Kuala Lumpur!

Next up we’ve got a Qantas 787 Dreamliner pushing back and getting ready to begin taxi for it’s flight across to Dallas, TX. This route (QF21) launched in December 2022 so is still a fairly new route for Qantas out of Melbourne.

Today at work I manged to capture this beautiful aircraft for the first time. An Etihad 787 Dreamliner off to Abu Dhabi wearing the beautiful F1 2023 livery!

Yesterday I managed to capture the Qantas 787 Dreamliner in the Centenary livery starting up it’s engines before taxing to depart for Perth as QF9 before than continuing onwards to London, Heathrow.

It’s great working at the airport, especially if you’re passionate about aviation which I’m sure most of us are. It’s even better working at an airport and getting downtime between tasks to get paid to plane spot. I certainly can’t complain!


Nothing beats a bit of airside spotting! Nice shots


Thanks Dan, appreciate it mate. Certainly one of the best perks of the job!

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Oh thank goodness. I thought YMML paid for those pics, I was concerned for a minute. Ahahahah JK

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The best I can do when I only have my phone on me, haha.

Unless Qantas approve me of taking my Nikon to work, haha!

I saw the Etihad F1 livery on flightradar today (not really as good as seeing it irl), I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that the F1 livery is here while the F1 is on. Good spotting Declan!


Ah yes, the Malaysia Negaraku livery. Seen that one on 9M-MAF at Heathrow.

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Step 1: Be competent enough for anyone to want to hire you.


Anyhow, nice shots!

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That was not what I was expecting but at the same time I kinda saw that coming ngl

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Thanks so much mate. The livery is stunning and my first time seeing it in real life as well!

Such a beautiful livery and it suits the A330 very nicely!

Thanks mate, appreciate it!

It’s what I like to call clickbait, haha!


@Declan have your ever serviced the 787-9 from Melbourne to DFW

Unfortunately not. I work on the Domestic Concourse currently so don’t get the chance to play with the international arrivals or departures much at all.

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