Getting More People to Join Your Flight's?

I just created my first group flight earlier and no one attended. Is there any suggestions you might have to get more people to join?

Try popular, scenic routes and sort of “advertise” (lack of a better word) your group flight by using some enticing terms.

Perhaps you can spice it up with a nice visual appearance of your thread. But most importantly, you must consider that many users are from different regions of the world and their time zone might not align with yours. More engagement will also probably lead to better group flights :)


If you make it a good time in advance more people can free up time for it and sign up maybe. I don’t know how long prior to the flight you posted it though.

I did create it last min which was probably part of it.

Make it look attractive by adding pictures

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I’m going to assume it was this one: [Closed]Kdca-kmia 202030ZAPR20 @KDCA

Here’s some tips:

  • Make the thread appealing, with photos, graphics, more information, etc.
  • Make sure you double check everything before posting, proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation is key!
  • Be prepared, a good flight plan, with proper SIDs and STARs, weight information, cruise information.

All I can say is, it takes time. My first group flight on this community got a whopping 0 people. Don’t put your head down, keep doing it, and things will change!

Yeah it does take time. My first two group-flight never had anyone. But they were my only 2 so maybe people don’t like me? 😂

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