Getting more landings

I seem to be missing something here. Im not getting any landings when I manually land. All wheels touch ground and I come to a full stop. Not sure why or how this isn’t a landing when it simply completes landing, but not the flight itself. I see auto pilot landings do not count? H

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Are you flying on solo or live?


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In Live play, landings and touch and goes should be added to your landing count. This includes landings made by the auto-landing system. I surely hope nobody makes landings using the auto-pilot…

Sometimes it takes a while for landings to be added though.

If you want us to help you further, we will need more details, such as: Live or Solo play, how long have you had this issue, what have you done so far, etc


Thank you. I’ve just started with infinite, as my first simulator. I’ve been trying to master the landings without it but I seem to be pretty bad at it even with auto pilot. What I lack in is the decent into my location, I seem to either drop too fast. Causing me to go up right before the runway, and then I’ll overrun it. Or I decent too slow and then having to drop super fast which picks me up more speed than I need so I just crash…

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Are you flying on live or solo?

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I am playing live

This might help you with your descending problem.

As for landings:

Make sure you are at about 3,900 ft AGL when entering the approach to your airport. Land with like +20% trim and slowly start pitching your nose up at 30AGL. You can find AGL altitude on your bottom bar and in the callouts. Please note that MSL is different from AGL.

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I use the auto pilot sometimes. Lol. Just to try different situations.

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