Getting Live+ soon I have questions

I’ll be getting live+ soon and I have some questions:

  1. Do I get all locked planes( EX- Boeing 773, 739, A340, etc.) and locked areas(EX- Seattle, South Florida, etc.)
    2.Do you think in a year I will get advanced?
  2. If I get ghosted on advanced does that mean I can’t go on live? If it does how long?
    Sorry for asking so many questions. If this is in the wrong category please move it.
  1. You get all of the planes and regions when you buy Live+. They will only stay unlocked while you have Live+ though.
  2. Yes, you will get to advanced eventually. It depends how active you are.
  3. Ghosts vary from a session, 10 minute, and 60 minute ghost. It all depends on what you did to get ghosted.

2= I’ve been going for a year and I am on 26,000xp so yes.
3=No, but I have never been ghosted, ask someone else


1.Yes you do get all locked aircraft and regions, but once your live+ expires they become locked again.
2.Im not sure. Contact one of the recruiters for a test
3. If you get ghosted on advanced there is a time you will not be visible to other players just on the advanced server.

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It’s called a session ghost, as I stated in my post.

  1. Yes, you will.
  2. You may be able, depending upon how active you are.
  3. If you are ghosted, it means you are invisible to others on the server, ghosts are different times, depending on what you did.

That means I can still fly on advanced.

Yes but you won’t see anybody and they won’t see you. It’s kinda pointless

Oh Ok. It would be piontless.

Thanks for moving it to live.

Exactly. It’s to remove you from the session.

You need 25,000 XP to join the Advanced server. That is 25 hours of flight time at 4 landings an hour.
You can get there quicker if your landings are of good quality or through more landings an hour.

But flying on Playground is just as much fun.

2. If you mean onto the server yes I did and have 68000xp in one year with 89hrs of flight time so you could easily get on advanced server. can still go on live but other aircraft & atc may not see you depending on how long the ghost is.

I got on advanced in just under 2 months so you should

Play advanced when you feel like you’re ready. But getting on Advanced isn’t hard. Happy Landings and enjoy Live+. Been loving it!

Have live+, best thing every bought

I got normal live as a test so I can see how flying with other people is. It’s cool.