Getting Live (finally after 4 months of debate)

I don’t know if anyone saw or Really cared of didn’t care but now in a few minutes I will be getting live and i was wondering if anyone had any usefull information for me. Thanks!


congrats, its really worth the price!

Anything in paticular you’re unsure about?

Useful Information?
No not really other then one… You made the best decision of your life!

Anyone want to join me on a flight? Casual sever

Please check help pages for assistance using ATC instructions! 😛


Sorry I’m Delta82 A319 Teminal 4 parking ATC TRanining server1

I’m already familiar with ATC thanks!!;)

LAX-SAN For my flight

You won’t be disappointed. If you loved Infinite Flight while flying solo and got addicted to that, then going Live is just gonna take it to a…


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Nice dude:)

Welcome to the busy skies!

Don’t be a Nimrod and do whatever you want listen to ATC instructions

So today I had a kinda “Group flight” with a guy named @iLukas-Prague and I just have to say I had a really great time and would love to do it again. Sadly on our last flight EGLL-EGBB I accidentally turned my iPad of and then it disconnected me which sucked. I was Easy 226. Pics

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Good for you! I got my first and only live subscription in July and enjoyed soooo much!
In fact I liked it so much that I’m planning on getting Live+ early October, and that is not cheap that’s for sure!

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