Getting LIT with a Tide Pod

Hello IFC,
Tonight my station of LIT got our first Sun Country charter of our new contract! The flight was operated by an 18 year old Boeing 737-800. The flight came from SGF and was going to IPF also known as Bullhead City,Az. This flight was a Casino Charter and will be back in 5 days!


Nice photos!

That title confused me for a while ngl


Haha it’s all about the title


I was generally convinced this thread had something to do with eating tide pods

don’t you just love the internet


I snickered at your title, good job at that.


Got to make the title interesting!

Haha it’s a great title. Wanted to draw people to it

In my 9 months of being on the forum, I’ve only come up with 1 creative title. Here it is.

haha got you, here’s the real one.


Or smoking them if you’re really getting lit


Tide pods (me: wait, wait, wait, wait, oooooohhh! right that eating tide pods thing… oh it’s Sun Country). Just recently noticed their new winglet design

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Ah yes, the tide pod plane.

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mmmmm yes tide pods

I do not eat tide pods do not worry friends

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Oh no you don’t. I’ve been Rick Rolled by this community too many times. I can never trust a link that just says “Here” anymore.


I’ll take the hit for you.

Edit: Yeah, it’s a rick roll.

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You’ve done that so many times its predictable from you 😂

Great shots!


Tide pod was my joke.

But thats pretty cool ngl.

Honestly, I never knew that it was your joke. I just said it because it looks like a tide pod and went with my title I wanted to use

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Its good, I was kidding.

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