Getting kicked out

I was in flight going from LAX to Dubai, I diverted to Cario cause of other reasons. I was tuned into Cario Center and about 20-30 minutes in i was kicked out of the app. I dont know why but whatever, i wanna apologize to the Controller hopefully didnt screw anything up.

We’re you reported or did your game crash?

Game crashed mid flight, sorry if i didnt explain it well.

So what I’m understanding right now, as you tuned in the Cairo center, everything went fine. Then about 20-30 minutes after, your game crashed?

Assuming you weren’t reported and disconnected from the server,

I’d say restart your device prior to any flight (or on newer devices, before long haul flights)
Clear your scenery cache
Off Anti-Aliasing
Make sure your graphic settings are suitable for your device, newer devices can handle better graphics
If none of these work, I’d say uninstall IF, then reinstall

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Ive uninstalled several times in the past ik that works, ill restart the app prior to every flight from now thx for the tips

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So are you apologizing or are you asking about getting kicked out of the app?

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Probably disconnected „ unable to communicate „ is the Command

You should know it @MJP_27

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Ok well restart your iPad before spawning in, Clear Scenery Cache, and put graphics on low. Also if your airplane count is really high then I recommend turning it down

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The absolute goal is to put as little “stress” as possible on your device while running Infinite Flight.

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Ah, so you got that unable to communicate because you weren’t communicating with the controller. But, don’t worry. This isn’t a violation however. You may continue with flying on Expert Server

what device do you have?

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