Getting kicked out of the game mid flight

Oh, we do to. It’s a pain having this around.

Your issue sounds somewhat different though and is most likely not related to this. We know weak/unstable connections are more of the cause for the symptoms you’re describing. Could also be something else. But the memory leak which is the bug we’re referring to, should not crash you this early on unless you have a really old model and are running the graphics on high.

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It’s not ‘early on’. I’ve consistently done 6 different flights in a single session (no exit and respawn) and when pushing back for the 7th… crash.

I clicked on LFPG to see the METAR and the map froze, IF froze, then the game crashed.

Literally, the 359 shipped and it became unstable. Then for some reason for many weeks up until about a week and a half ago, IF had been incredibly stable. Now something has happened. Maybe it’s due to how busy the servers are? I dont know.

But from someone who participates in VAs and flies many flights for those VAs… apps crashing midflight or at other random times really doesnt help.

Ah! Sorry. I misunderstood your description.
Well, that does indeed sound like how this would behave.

Servers are fine. But the traffic amount has skyrocketed… so it could be more traffic around you not making things better.

I did a 13:25 hour A359 flight with an iPad Pro 2017 to busy EGLL today with these settings:

iOS 13.4

Rendering Q: Medium
Rendering Res: Medium
Texture Q: Medium
Airplane count: Low
Limit Frame Rate: ✅
Automatic low power: NO
Camera: HUD/FPL view

I did not mess around much with camera or map during the flight. Charger plugged in all the time.

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This happens to me too because I am running IF on an older device. the best thing you can due is set airplane count to low (or none to be safe) and set all graphics to low. Doing a soft reset (Holding down the power button until the shutdown screen, and then holding the home button) also works well. I usually do this before a flight. Just like with anything, Infinite Flight is a game with great graphics and loads of people playing.

Towards the whole point of this topic… The point is We all get technical difficulties. Making lots of topics about the same issue without following the steps on the FAQ is not helping your issue.

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It’s not just my issue and my stance is quite simple.

Why am I left with no other choice but to sacrifice the quality of my gameplay on a not too old device for a problem that is now some 3-4months old?

The ‘iOS memory leak’ is a very political response, its IF’s problem and something they have done is causing it.

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Well firstly this was someone else’s thread.

But at a simple comparison is:

You pay X for 1Gbps fibre broadband and it works great for a year then all of a sudden, your speeds tank. Your internet provider tells you that you have to just reduce the streaming quality of your content. No HD, nothing. You can tolerate that for a bit, but after it drags on for 3-4months, you wouldn’t be amused?

I love IF. But the unpredictability of this memory leak issue (even when following the guidance) is what makes it most frustrating.

With regards to devices, just because you have had it for a few months does not mean it just came off of the assembly line. You can still buy brand new older iphones which are already out-dated.

The iOS leak is not just on the IF side but also on the iOS side as well. It all comes down to resource management. Every device is different especially with the possibility of having an untold number of apps running at the same time. The best advise is to give IF the best chance at success by limiting background apps before your flight and avoid multi-tasking. We have found most scenarios happen when the user does something to cause a spike which causes the OS to kill IF. Changing camera views often, leaving the app to post on twitter, or even notifications from other apps taking memory.

Looking at your 1Gbps example, you pay for 1Gbps but have three TVs streaming movies and two kids on the xbox. You are logged into your VPN at work doing a video conference. Sure with 1gb you are fine but if you were running off of a 20mbps line you would be toast. Its all relative.

As Laura has stated in the latest live stream they are actively looking into the issue. The issue is not able to be reproduced in a developer build. Each time a new build needs to be compiled and tested by flying ultra long hauls. If there was a magic scenario that everyone was hitting it could be a huge help but right now it is a wide range of causes.

Going forward if you can make a note of what you did right before the crash would be extremely helpful. Did you leave the app? Did you get a notification? Did you change the camera view? Did you do something on the map? Then does the same thing trigger it to happen again after the same length of flight?