Getting involved with IF development

Hey everyone, I’ve been part of the community for a few years, and even though I’m finally working on my real PPL, IF holds a special place in my heart.

I’m an almost graduated CS major (I know, I know, I look forward to the roasts), but always thought it would be cool to help out on the iOS side! Who should I contact to find out more?

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In IF’s history, they’ve pulled developers from the pool of folks that develop a third-party app that works with Infinite Flight. They’ve hired a lot of talent through the years by the quality of their app and/or website, positive community user engagement, and the ability to work with the development team and the use of Infinite Flight’s API. Congrats on your education and an early happy graduation! 👏


Oh that’s interesting! I was thinking from more of a hobby-ist POV, but I always thought that building a set of physical controls designed specifically for IF would nicely complement the software (we’re getting towards X-Plane levels slowly ;)), so maybe that would be cool to develop.


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