Getting in a higher Rank

Can u guys put me in a training or expert server because I want to play the game and I am actually good and I don’t like how people don’t take the games seriously and it takes for ever for me to get in a higher rank but I just want to play the game but when it takes for ever I don’t so could that be possible thanks


Unfortunately, that’s not possible. However, to get to training, all you need is a small amount of landings and XP (can’t remember how much, but it’s a small amount).

Same goes for expert. Grade 3 isn’t hard to obtain, even if you only fly a couple times a week. I’m sure that if you put in effort, you’ll get there soon. Good luck, and have a great day!


Well to get to Training, or Expert server you need to earn XP, do landings and other stuff, but basically grade up, to get to training is quite easy, to expert it will take a little longer (unless you a very dedicated).


You shouldn’t expect people to be professional on CS or TS. Earn your way up.

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I beleive you only need 25 landings and 1k XP to get grade 2 and with that the training server. For expert you need Grade 3 with 50 landings and 40k XP. Be careful not to get too many violations as that will hinder you from getting a higher grade. Honestly, just do some flying and enjoy your time and you’ll be on expert servers in no time. d(^o^)b

If you don’t want to play the game and put the effort people put forward to get to the higher grades 3-5 where people spend months sometimes years to achieve the ranks… And put time and effort forward it shows on your stats and it’s a pay off getting a higher grade. Just do lots of touch and goes. I just earned 4,000 xp or so from maybe a 30 minute session and got 30 landings I think…


its a grind bro but Ik u will make it trust me!

You get a higher rank (Grade) by playing the game, not the other way around.

So you’re a serious player? Great!

  • play the game, do your flights. Be the best pilot out there
  • study the #tutorials
  • spend time and contribute to this forum.

By doing this, there’s a chance your Grade will actually mean something.

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