Getting In 10 Hours Of Flying Time

I’m on the verge of buying Pro for the first time in over 2 years. This means that I need to accumulate 10 hours of flying time in order to get back up to Level 3 (Expert Server). I want to jump back into Expert Server ASAP but flying for literally 10 hours straight can possibly cause overheating issues.

I have the iPhone 13 Pro. Please let me know how it performs for 10+ hour flights (if you’ve done some of them on it)! Also, what are some tips for doing them that minimize the possibly of encountering any issues?

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I don’t have a IPhone 13, but even with any device, I’d probably do chunks of like 3 hours at a time. Well, thats at least what I already do.

Also, I literally have a Ipad 7th generation back from 2019 and it runs well at 10H+ flights. I just generally keep it on charge.


You won’t encounter any issues. You have the highest performing phone on the market. No need to worry.


@tunamkol @Captain_ATK

Thank you for both of your guys’ help! I just finished the 10 hours. @Captain_ATK I took your advice of doing separate flights (did CHS-HPN, JFK-LAX, DEN-JFK, and ACK-HPN) and @tunamkol you were right, my phone was barely warm throughout the whole time!


Great to hear! 😄

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Good to hear. Clear skies on your future flights!

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I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and have done well over 10 hours of flights while still doing FaceTime. I have enabled power saving mode in Infinite Flight. The phone was charged all night and never got warm. but now I am using the iPad 9th generation.

I use the iPhone X and it still works for 18 hours flights, but After 15 hours the FOS goes down to 20

I can’t imagine my iPhone being stuck with something for 10 whole hours straight. I always fly on long flights on my iPad Pro.

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