Getting Exposed by my Passenger?

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All sounds are from real flights, even the clapping.
All made on iOS, no computer or other device used.
And yes, I used flaps :)


Haha they cheer at the end. That happens every time I go on a European flight


You forgot to flare. ;)


But the passengers don’t care 😝


You didnt see the plane tilt?

Suspect we use the words “exposed” differently here in Europe?


And what do you mean by that?

It would usually mean to me some secrets.

you get the cheering I notice on the LCC and Holiday Charter flights…

I love the Clapping part ;)

Yeah. Exposing

make (something) visible by uncovering it.
“at low tide the sands are exposed”

“the gold covering was flaking away, exposing the white plaster”
reveal the true, objectionable nature of (someone or something).
“he has been exposed as a liar and a traitor”

Great video! I love the clapping. The sound of full reverse would have been nice though :)

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In Europe, nobody even claps, let alone cheers, at least on the flights I’ve been on.

(Lufthansa A321 Heathrow - Frankfurt, Singapore Airlines A380 Frankfurt - JFK)


I always start a clap, if it’s windy conditions, I know how hard it is landing a piper warrior let alone a 60 tonne 737!

That only happens on Ryanair XD
Every other airline there is an expectation not to crash.
But with Ryanair its a celebration


@CaptainSean how do you get the Window during editing.

“another on time arrival from Europe’s favourite Airline…”

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It was actually aeroflot :)

Its an image lololl

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That is so not true, have you ever been on easyjet or Ryanair? If not, you should. Clapping is almost expected every flight. And please, if any of you are on a plane, don’t clap. It just annoys the cabin crew and the pilots if they can hear you.

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