Getting data of VS

Hi, i want to play a completely realistic route.

I know fly aware but it doesn’t give datas of vertical speed. Are there any website to get datas of vertical speed.

I will apply it in the game.


FlightRadar shows it, but doesn’t synchronizing with fixes

I suppose it gives vertical speed but it needs a payment account.

Also i want to make real a completed flight. From the past. Is it possible?

The In-Flight Operations app tells you. It tells you your V/S and pitch during takeoff and landing. It even shows you the waypoints you fly. It is great.

Try using It gives the most detailed flight plans :)

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Thanks a lot, but i meant i was in a flight, and i want to remake it. I need a real life flight datas.

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Can i get vertical speeds from there? And will it be a real life completed flight data?

Unfortunately, it needs payment. But you got this will also provide information like this. Just search up the flight you’re looking for and click on “graph” as found in the Flight Data section. Here is an example of a flight from UTAA-OMDB on a FlyDubai Boeing 737.

the VS is listed under the “RATE” column

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Thanks a lot, i will look at this. I couldn’t find vs rates but i will look at better now.

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