Getting chased down

This guy was trying to catch up to me at 413 knots and I was at 310 knot and still couldn’t get me anyone else had this happen to them before?


Happened to me before, I was fly Boeing commercial plane at 200knots and there is fighter jet fly at 500 knot and keep chasing me, then slowing down and stick with me and gone again then keep chase me again and so on. I was going to said go away don’t stick with me or disturb me.

Then there might be a wake turbulence effect

Same happened to me when I was flying the 747 VC-25 (Air Force one) with a fighter jet right next to after he caught up and landed right behind me after it was told to turn around.

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Southwest 737 chased me in SoCal once.

Perhaps he was just following you, as an escort?


Maybe but he was going crazy

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MaxSez: if it’s a Fighter on your tail or abreast it’s probably ACM intercept practice. Just grin and continue the march!


Once my friend was escorting me (I was Air Force 1) in a fighter, and 3 other people joined me. I just ignored them.

When i was transporting the space shuttle, some random person escorted me in SoCal too =p

hardly…with all the restrictions,maybe just company or following…if you feel he’s chasing you,then that is in your head…just fly your plane & keep calm.

I find these failed escorts quite funny, especially when they lose control of their plane and crash.

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Yeah especially with a 747. :D

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