Getting bored with my grade 2

Any tips or fun routes, or things like the milk run or the island hopper that I should do to pass the time untill my grade goes up?


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If you’re looking for island hopper-esque flights, Air France flies an island hopper in the Caribbean from Miami to Cayenne, with their A320.



You can always do the island hopper, start in HNL, and hop all the over to guam.

Alaska Airlines does their milk run, Seattle to Anchorage or vise virsa

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you should definetly try the United Island Hopper with the 737-800 (new livery because of the split scimitars), the scenery on the approaches is wonderful

routing is:


(PKWA is optional)

if anyone wants to do this with me (on the training server of course) I would be down just comment and I’ll add you to a PM.

I setup a flight from KJFK-EHAM and just set the phone down and went about my day eta 2hrs

Have you tried VNKT-VQPR yet?

That is a great and hard approach to Paro, Buthan!

I would also suggest flying some GA routes!

what can i do for a delta milk run

That’s is gonna take at least a full day to complete maybe

Actually not
I’ve done it twice
All the flight times sum up about 9h30-10h + the time you’re gonna stay at each airport

you could fly all the Alaska Horizon routes. There’s plenty of those, and there’s some rather nice looking areas you fly into.
depending on the route, it could be anywhere from 30mins to 2hours

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