Getting bored ?! Need something update more interest

IF is not just about takeoff and landing, in the same way that driving a car is not just about steering and braking, or swimming is not just about getting wet and Air Traffic Controlling is not just about ‘cleared for takeoff’.

With the tips above you’ll be un-bored for at least another year. Enjoy! 😊


I feel you man first thing on my list is taxi lights you know but man imagine contrails and clouds mhmmmmmm


I just got bored to be honest but…what can you do

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Of course i know , i always using real flight plan from simbreif , but what? Just pish the NAV and waiting …
I always join in IFEVENT
I knwo SIDS STARS etc
ATC? Clear to land , clear for take off . Even its more realistic if the controls can” taxi to bravo charlie bla bla bla”

Anyway its my suggestion, i just said what im feel now

I totally agree with you I haven’t subscribed to infinite flight for about 2 months now just because it’s not as exciting for me right now and it feels like you’re doing the same thing all the time. Specially because everything looks almost the same wherever you fly (the airports etc). If it wasn’t for the multiplayer in the sim I would never play the game.

And also, I’m checking for updates all the time but I don’t feel like the latest updates are worth subscribing for. I have to wait until I get my lust back or for another major update to bring me the excitement back

Try challenging or high altitude airports like aspen, lukla, paro, st barthlaemy, Saba, etc…

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I agree with you but if you think about it that’s what real pilots do take off >>>autopilot >>>>and land that’s what they basically do.For me during flights I do other things so I don’t get bored .

Bold words coming from you Tommyboy. Start with landing the plane properly then work your way up more

If you are truly that bored, join the GAF. Fighters are where its at.


You can also teach Rocco how to land properly! Wink wink

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This may be just me but if you’re asleep how are you going to avoid the “ The Avid Thunderstorm” I just see a whole new line of complaining involving the topic the weather made me crash. Just my opinion. It’s a sim you fly from point A to point B you could throw a C in there as curve make it interesting. Not being sarcastic just stating the facts. You have to get creative and think it outside the box.



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Join a virtual Airline 1 month in I was getting bored because I had flown all my bucket list routes then Joined Southwest Virtual and have had a reason to fly atleast 5 times a week if not more. VA’s are a great thing or you can go to Flight radar find a flight and just race it around a country or continent and see if you out run it or not.

I feel you, man. Sometimes taking a break for a few weeks helps. I know that’s what I did a while ago, and it seemed to work for me.

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