Getting bored ?! Need something update more interest

Iv been play infinite flight since the first release till now , they did good job improve everything like a new plane new maps and hd geography etc
But playing infinite flight now make me soo bored cause nothing to do , what we do !
just take off - autopilot(sleep) - (wake up)landing weather ? What kind of weather ? It just wind and sometimes poor visbility !
Imagine if we have a cloud ? Avoid thunderstom, avoid the cumulonimbus it will be more fun and no bored (its mean no sleep anymore🤣👍)


Flash Flights can spice things up!


Spoiler Alert: #live:events are great for meeting new friends or joining old one’s too. :)

😱 I almost forgot, what about trying out controlling and joining IFATC as well?


You can join events, circumnavigate the globe, or explore the depths of the world! You just have to get creative ;)

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I get exactly where your coming from, I’ve been getting a bit bored recently of infinite.

What I’ve been doing which you should try is just having a break for a few days, it’s quite nice coming back after 3/4 days. It works for me everytime.

Give it a little try


Have you thought about joining a VA? They add a whole nother level of realism and obligation to IF. I would recommend a special VA, maybe based on business jets, GA, or military operations, which are very fun. Check out this thread to find one to join.

Or maybe try your hand at IFATC, its quite a challenge to get used to but once you do it is very satisfying. :)

There is also the airport editing team, where you can help create the airports that you fly to:

There are many wonderful things to do, you just have to explore a bit and I’m sure you’ll find something. :)


Are you flying realistic departures and arrivals ? Do you know what SIDS and STARS are ? If not ask,it makes flights much more challenging and realistic.


Maybe try doing an approach-off with Rocco! It’s gonna be fun watching him crash.


Maybe you’re just doing boring flights? Fly around VFR, explore, do some touch & goes in the 172, Fly a challenging approach, fly with someone else, there’s so many possibilities besides just turning on the autopilot on a long-haul. Oh, and did I mention theres a whole other side of it all… Maybe try controlling!

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Yes, I felt the same way once, then I explored airport charts and that boredom quickly turned to interest and since then I’ve loved IF. When you get bored don’t do the same thing, change things up. Joining and creating in the #live:events category also made it more fun for me.

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Getting bored ?! Need something update more interest - #10

“ASVA is hiring. Not going to self promote”



It’s funny you mention clouds. I’m new to IF but I was just thinking how nice it would be to have clouds in the sim as well. Hopefully in the future we’ll see a nice updates that includes clouds ⛅️

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Take a joke. I was kidding. Don’t go moddy oddy on me.

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Realism = Endless fun. Here’s what I mean:

People Who Get Bored

Open Infinite Flight
Pick A Plane
Pick An Airport
Fill Plane with Fuel
Open Map, Click Direct Route to Either KJFK, EGLL, KLAX, Or KSFO
Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descend, Engage Autoland
The End!

People Who Always Enjoy Flying

Find Some Real World Flight That Fits Their Time Slot
Makes A Flight Plan Including SIDs, STARs, Airways, Etc.
Calculates Fuel, Decides Cruise Altitude And Load
(If Needed) Studies Aircraft Proceedures For Aircraft Being Used
Opens IF
Picks Airport
Spawns At Gate That The Real Flight Does
Pastes Pre-Made Flight Plan
Loads Aircraft
Sets A/P Prefrences, Trim, Etc
Taxi, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise
Calculates TOD
Checks Arrival Airport ATIS (If Available)
Lands manually at -200fpm
Taxis To Gate
Checks Flight On LiveFlight To Admire Their Skillful Navigation (I know I do that ;)
Ends Flight

Basically, there’s an endless amount of things you can do with IF. After all, it’s called Infinite Flight for a reason ;)




Not going to suspend you, nothing wrong with a fun discussion. ❤️✈️


I know you won’t. I just drank too much coffee. Mods are much cooler than I thought. Wow. Now I want to become a mod here. I have like 2 years of experience.

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I agree that I do get bored flying from time to time. I fly extremely realistically but even then it’s kind of boring. Which is why I often fly short hop routes that are usually under an hour long. I do wish realistic weather and clouds were in the game. Flying would be so much more exciting.

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This. When you think that you’ve learned everything and tried everything… think again! It’s a never ending learning and discovery process.

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I have to second @DiamondGaming4 big time here. Realism makes IF 200% better, and truly makes the experience significantly better.

And I thought that I was the only one who watched my flight over on LiveFlight after, lol ;)

I’ve seen this mentioned a lot, but SIDS and STARS made my experience so much better with the sim. They’re very easy to learn, and easy to find on the web :)


Well, monotony belongs to the job as a pilot. Many good things have been mentioned. Some additions to flight planning:
You might want to try out
You have to register, but it provides realistic flight plans, actual weather data etc.
If you want to test your limits: Go on, enter your departure and arrival airport and try to create your own route on the real airways. Once you have got it done you can also paste it into simbrief, or edit the simbrief route on skyvector. If you’re planning to fly over the northern atlantic you might want to file the actual North Atlantic Tracks.
I could go on and on since there are no limits, and it’s not only interesting to do, it’s also a great opportunity to learn a lot about aeronautical data, charting etc. Happy (and hopefully more interesting) flying!

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