Getting better at ATC

Hey everyone!

I really like playing as ATC, but I want to make my experience more realistic.

How do I get better at ATC without being on the expert server?

Sometimes I like controlling at KJFK because of the medium traffic, but I don’t know which altitude to vector aircraft. I don’t have time to do each calculation to figure which altitude they should be at.

Any tips?




I’d recommend watching some of the ATC tutorials on the official IFATC YouTube channel! I know you don’t want to become IFATC, but these can definitely help you out to have a more realistic experience.


I would recommend you to check out IFATC’s official channel! :)

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Recommend to watch for tutorials of ATC 👍

You can also look at the #tutorials:atc category as well.



Honestly practice practice practice. Get an ATC tracking thread and ask for feedback. Watch the videos and tutorials above beforehand though


You can also read this. Quite useful:)

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As mentioned watch and follow the tutorials and create an ATC thread, network with a group of members who are willing to help you and provide feedback

Plenty of good people who will jump in and support when they can

Enjoy 🙂

You could join one of the few non-vocal ATC groups. They can provide you with the “realism” and training opportunities.

Also, if I were you I would never control approach until later on when you graduate to IFATC. Sure dable in it but master Tower and Ground first. :)


Hey @KindaAngrySliceOfPie if you give a look, you can apply, and I promise either me or someone else extremely qualified of training you will teach you.

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@KindaAngrySliceOfPie. MaxSez: The IF Tutorials an Vid’s Do a good introductory job. I’d suggest you look to the inter active App “ATC 4Real”.

The 4 Real App and a whole ATC Series by AirPort can be found at the Apple App Store. I use 4 Real as a refresher and the individual Air field ATC App’s as a Fam… Good Luck! Hope the IFATC Recruiters note your due diligence and enthusiasm. Regards


I will definitly look at it! Thanks!

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Hi, you can use the drag to vector feature to see distance from the airport, runway, etc, to determine what altitude to have aircraft at. if you want more specific altitudes feel free to pm me.

Will have to check those out!

Wouold also recomend to @KindaAngrySliceOfPie that before you start a controlling session that you review the SID and STAR charts for the airport so that you can plan out your arrivals and departures accordingly. Any pilot worth their salt will ahve also done the same as part of their flight planning so should be following the simular routing in and outbound which will make both of your jobs easier!


@KindaAngrySliceOfPie, I suggest gathering feedback by pilots, by making yourself an ATC Tracking thread, and to see what needs improved upon as a start, you can message me further on Embark Slack, but I will be training tonight on the last thing I need to potentially pass my IFATC test. Once gathered your feedback, message one of the IFATC Trainers to get the required training
ATC Training Team

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