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HI, I have been off the IF for about 4 months now because i got a bit bored. I just heard that the A350 came out and that excited me. I am on the Aiport editing squad and am working on 2 airports right now and one of them is in the final stage. My question is what makes the IF fun for you that could make it fun for me? Please give me some thoughts,



The global multiplayer, the ATC that make IF IF, the variety of aircraft from which you can choose to fly, etc.

Btw the A350 isn’t out yet!


(We are still waiting for it to come out.)

Have you ever thought about joining the IFATC team? It will definitely be a great experience!

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Oh, I thought there Insta said it was. Or do they mean this December?

Yep, this December ;)

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I thought about it then I ran into some issues with times and stuff I am busy and in school. ATC is not really my thing I would like to fly when I get older I can do gliders now

I understand it can get boring.

I personally don’t do long hall as thay are boring, fly with friends. Watch some hilarious ghosts, have a laugh and enjoy it. Fly where there is ATC.

You can also go to the CS and se some things.

Hope you get back INTO IT again

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Are you part of a VA?

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Mmm, how about joining a VA? You will there make new friendships and you will also have the change to fly with someone else.


I tried joing Delta have not got a response.

May I get a link to the Detla or the VA platform page please?

Sure thing. and navigate yourself to VA/VO database.

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Thanks appreiciate it

Try others. I’m in 2 VA’s and applied for a third. Completely agree with @Thomas_G before I joined a VA game got boring. But after joining a VA meeting the new people with the same interests as well as flying with others keeps me coming back. Also within VA you have ranks also give you a reason to fly.


I can easily help you with this! Being on a huge community forum with thousands of people totally benefits your chances of making a friend(s) with the same passion of aviation you have. I’ve said this before but being able to fly around the globe with global with your friends is totally worth it as some of these places you may never see in your lifetime. So go out and explore with a buddy! :)

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I understand that it can get a little boring. A little tip, do all different types of flights. Don’t do just long haul airliners — or another thing similar, do all different flights. GA, Bush flights, short hops, and pretty much anything else. Including group flights or events. It’s really fun when there’s a variety of things to do.


I had the same problem as you. I took a break because I thought I was going to be busy but when I tried to play again I got bored. Today actually, I realized that the VA atmosphere and having a goal to achieve really helps. Also, flying with friends! Maybe not your friends you see everyday but those that are here on IF.


Maybe consider joining IFATC? This is what I find the most fun in Infinite Flight.


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