Getting ATC Voice back after Dissapearing

Hello IFC fellows,

As everyone already know, if we constantly getting in and out of the flight several times, the ATC voice sometimes will dissapear and it’s a well known issue.

But is there any way to get the voice back during flight (without quitting)?

I have this issue several times even though I never left the flight at all, and it’s kinda scary entering airspace with ATC controllers but can’t hear them voices. I know the headphone icon will still blink but it’s just felt inconvenient without hearing the voice. and I definitely won’t just quit the flight because of that :)

thanks for your help!

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The only way is to close the app (double tap and swipe, if on iOS.) I haven’t found any way to get it back during the flight.

will that mean the flight will ends? sorry I’m not an iOS user :)

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Yes, unfortunately. I’m sure that there is no way to get ATC voice back on iOS. 75% sure it’s the same with android.


Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the update

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@Panther if it’s happening before I pushback, I usually quit immediately and restart the app. won’t do that in flight :)

@MohibDiyal24 hopefully this issue can be resolved.

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You could turn off WiFi for a couple of seconds and turn it on again.

will try that for sure, thanks for the advise…

have you been successfully get the voice back that way?

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