Getting an Account Verification error

Are you logged into the same account on another device?


This is generally nothing to worry about and disappears on it’s own when the API runs the next check.
Unless you get this constantly, it’s all good :)

No. I have 2 active subscriptions. One is linked with my Google and one is linked with my Facebook account but at this time only my Google linked Infinite flight was active and running.

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I tried logging out and logging in but i am getting this error on logging into my google account.

What is the callsign and display name for the account?

My callsign is AIVA054 and display name is Rohann

Okay, i can’t see any obvious errors here.
Can you try a simple device restart and try again?

Its working now, that’s surprising . If i notice any errors will contact you. Thanks for the assistance.

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Now im getting an error in my facebook account

What is happening…

Did you try restarting everything as instructed? Is this one the same device?

There are 2 of us using your app. My brother uses the facebook accout on a OnePlus7pro and I use the Google account on a Ipad Pro.

And yes, I restarted both the devices.

Okay, this might be an issue with both accounts using the same email address. We’re looking at it right now. Standby!

Ok. Will be on standby. Thanks for the fast response

Can you try again now? Make sure the app is restarted before.
We’re not entirely sure, but our suspicion is that the email address being the same on both accounts is causing this.

Our system checks for several things, with the email being one of them. And as it’s the same on both accounts, it gets confused.

I tried “resetting” the link on your account using Google now, to see if it helps.

Yes you soled the problem. Thanks a lot. Really appreciated your help.

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Hopefully it will not happen again. But if it does, feel free to reach out to me and we’ll look into an alternative solution.

We will be reworking this entire system at some point, which should make issues like this go away entirely.

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Sure will reach out to you if i face any issues like this.Thanks a lot.

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