Getting Accurate Flight Plans on FlightAware/Simbrief


Today, I was interested in doing a Rome (LIRF) - Delhi (VIDP) flight and as always, I typed in the flight parameters to see a sample flight plan in simbrief/flightaware. However, they give me an inaccurate flight plan.

This is the one FlightAware/Simbrief gives me:


However, due to Pakistani airspace closure, the actual route looks like this:

Does anyone know how to manipulate FlightAware/Simbrief so they give me this more accurate and realistic flight plan? I would prefer to do this via this actually route instead of the FlightAware/Simbrief plan since the flight schedule (time table) in real life is also adjusted to the Pakistani airspace closure. Thanks, and safe flying IFC! 😁

FlightAware doesn’t always give accurate flight plans because reasons.

If I need to amend something, I just do it manually in SimBrief. This does include using the proper NAT tracks, avoiding bad weather enroute, and other things. Take out a few points, check the various airways to avoid Pakistan, and add them as necessary.

Sure it takes slightly longer to plan, but accuracy is always a good benefit. A big plus is you also get to learn how to use all components of the SimBrief UI.

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You can just add waypoints with this option

There’s also trash cans next to each waypoint on the flight plan, so you can remove them as needed.

However, if you want maximum realism, I’d recommend making your own flight plan with

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You can exclude airways or waypoints on your route finder in SimBrief if it’s that important. Or include, if, say, you knew an airway which took you south of Pakistani airspace you wanted to use.

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