Getting a violation with no reason

Hey there,

I just spawned in at Dusseldorf Intl. / EDDL, about to start my overnighter.
I spawned in and left my IPad to go to get my earphones quickly, but when I was out of my door I heard the overspeed warning and saw that I got the violation for aerobatics, as I glitched through the ground.

Well if you are a Grade 5 with 0 Violation something like this hurts.

Here is a replay

It would be more than appreciated, if this Violation could get removed.
Username: IFAE Aviationflyer
Callsign: AF04

Best regards,

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PM a mod with that replay to appeal those violations.

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Roger, who should I contact? Any?

Yep, any of them would be fine.

Alright, thanks!

Any time! Just looked at the replay and it definitely looks like the app was at fault.

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