Getting a speed violation above 10000

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Also, sometimes, the autopilot may be at 10,000, however, sometimes, the plane may be at 9,998 or something in that range. Technically, that is below 10,000. I used to have the same problem too.


Why is it #support, I don’t even know what is he asking?

He doesn’t know why he got a violation, so he needs help.

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You might of been moving above and under 10,000ft. I would fly at 10,100ft to be safe.


What is your call sign ?

Set the Altitude hold to at least 10,100 feet. Otherwise any vertical shift caused by say, turbulence that might temporarily drop slight below 10,000 may be mistaken as a violation.


Display Name- IFFG-Xavier
Call sign- Delta 777

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