Getting A Pilot's License With Infinite Flight

Wow Jason incredible story of your success

You definitely explain the benefits of Infinite Flight and how it helped you to get to where you are right now.
I am most sure that you gave a massive inspiration to other student pilots and gave them this idea
IF maybe known as the simulator that is unrealistic in terms of cockpit interaction and some other stuff,
But this greatly shows what Infinite flight truly is and how it helped you!


Thank you! Of course a sim isn’t needed to get a PPL, but it certainly saved me money during training which is never a bad thing ;)


Love your tatto CF-MYP pretty cool 😎👌🏽💯

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Infinite Flight is soo realistic
That my sister sometimes switches on airplane mode on her phone 😄😄


I’m on Infinite Flight from 2015. As I was seeking around the Play Store for a good flightsimulator I finally found IF. After some doubts I thought to give it a try unless the amount of money it would cost. IF in these days didn’t have features like global or decent planes. I remember the B787 was a total joke to fly!

For the future I don’t have any intentions to get a PPL or something like that, I just like flying on this simulator. The only thing I really want to do someday is a flight in a full motion simulator and I think Infinite Flight can help me out to do so.


I don’t have my pilot license yet but I landed a glider last October (my first time landing an aircraft!)

My pilot said it was very smooth (I have to agree) and I think I credit that to my patterns in infinite Flight. It comes down to practicing what looks like a good time to flare, how to do the controls gently, and when to roll out, things like that. One of the great things about Infinite Flight is the physics. People even on IFC ask me how I can hand fly so smoothly in the sim. It’s just practice, and Infinite Flight has helped me practice those things.

Infinite Flight has also helped me practice VOR navigation, turns, climbs, maneuvers, and basic physics.

I’ve learned so much on Infinite Flight

It’s really been great and I intend to keep using Infinite Flight as time goes on!


i have learned so much from Infinite flight. Before i came into IF i never understood what the different entry patterns where or how to properly enter them. I was a complete noobie. A few years on i have gained great knowledge and confidence in myself also. I used to be a big video gamer on the ps4/xbox one but now im totally more into doing flights on infinite flight. I did the IFATC practice test and scored 89%. For someone who a few years ago did not understand what a entry pattern was to getting nearly 90% on my practice test is a massive achievement in its own right. Thanks to all the staff and developers at infinite flight for giving me the tools to achieve what i wanted to achieve. It took me a while to do it but perseverance, dedication and determination anything is possible if you take the time out a few hours a day.

Happy flying!


I got Infinite Flight in 2013. Starting off just messing around with a basic understanding in aviation. The next year I took a US Airways flight and was captivated with Aviation and knew I wanted to get into it further. I started to understand the basics of flying through YouTube which reflected in me starting to fly with more of a purpose within the sim. This has driven me to get into CAP, EAA, and my local flight school.

Thank you Infinite Flight you have a key point in my future! If we would get more GA aircraft it would maybe assist with this further and would possibly appeal to some flight schools.


I got IF in 2015! this is awesome i have learned alot from this game! The devs have added and made the game a better experience for me and every other IF pilot out there! the game keeps getting better and better with future updates from virtual airlines i have applied to have made the game a whole lot better ATC practice with all the recruiters
and future IF pilots and staff members have made this game possible! I will apply for IFATC in the future to get better the staff members and devs have made this game more possible and better to learn and achieve a lot!


I was about 10, 6ish years ago when I started using Infinite flight without a subscription, it was something that I used most days to entertain myself.

February 2019 was when I got my first subscription, it was the first thing I paid for.

May 2019, only a few months into my subscription, I took my first flight. I was commonly referred to having the ‘death grip’ although I still knew how to fly without failure or much introduction needed. Hundreds of hours of flying in Infinite Flight, and no other sim I have ever been dedicated to using.

First flight, was a pretty cloudy day

So I kept using Infinite Flight each day, and kept having a couple of flying lessons every now and again, I attended the Infinite Flight Heathrow Meetup when I had practically nothing, knew no one, and literally was a nobody except a pain in the community. At the time talking to people I didn’t know definitely wasn’t my strong point so managed to just about fit in the crowd at the event :p.

Jumping to the present;

The past couple months I’ve had a couple flying lessons (thanks to COVID), with the next one I believe being this weekend, I’ve got some IF merchandise over time, and since the day I’ve brought my subscription, I have not gone a day without using Infinite Flight, and have carried my passion everywhere I’ve went. 12,000 hours of flying virtually in Infinite Flight, and it remains as the number 1 simulator I still use every day and continue devoting my time to wherever possible.

I haven’t got a PPL yet as I am still in training.

I proudly take Infinite Flight with me everywhere I go, as it is a large part of me, that fuels my passion to aviation.


Yay that’s epic

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Infinite flight has helped me through these times especially with me not being able to leave my house and build planes like I do so I use it to help me get ready for that license


Need to try out this Zamboanga thingy

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Congrats, Jason. Huge achievement! Well done!

When I was in first or second grade, I searched up plane game or something along those lines and IF was the first result. I saw the trailer and a shot of the Delta 744 over the sparkling water made me really want it, as other flight games didn’t compare to this flight sim. I played it for many years on an old iPad until it required iOS 10, then a few more years on a newer iPad til iOS 11, then til a few months ago. I enjoyed every moment on the sim. Flying without a sub for 6 years was fine as that was all that really felt necessary. Then after I got a sub so I could join Swiss for his huge Infinite Flight event in the summer or fall of 2018, I didn’t want to go back to no sub, so I kept the 1 month sub going til January of this year when I ended it to go on with more complex sims on my pc. I wouldn’t have done that without Infinite Flight though. For someone who wants a taste and to take a start in the greater world of flight simulation, I strongly recommend IF.

Now, in summer 2019, I decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Not necessarily airline, there’s always an option of being an aerospace engineer or other aviation related job of sorts, but a private license and instrument rating would be good to have as I could more or less have it the rest of my life. First flight was in a Cessna 152 which I didn’t like very much, it was not comfortable and just wasn’t fun to fly. Then I flew the Diamond DV20 on the second flight and it was insane. I love the stick and the leg room. And the seats were very nice! (This doesn’t mean I want to be a pilot of an Airbus aircraft, I still want to fly a 737.) The aircraft felt nice and stable, and easier to control. That was what I wanted to fly. I’ve since flown many times and logged at least 30 hours. For a while I didn’t fly because of COVID, but since about March of this year, I’ve flown at least once every 1-2 weeks, and thanks to getting vaccinated in June, I can fly without having the discomfort of a mask stretched over the mic. Eventually I got to fly a DA40 which gets booked frequently, and I fell in love with the G1000 which is so much better than a GNS430 and analog instruments in the DV20.

I’ve been able to slightly apply the DV20 checklist to the C172 in IF. (By the way, DO NOT EVER use a checklist for one aircraft in another aircraft when flying in real life. Even if it is a DV20 checklist in a DA40, every aircraft is different.)

I will be soloing in several months, and will hope for a PPL a year later. Couldn’t have done it without getting IF 7 or 8 years ago, thanks for making the sim!

(unfortunately poorly timed photo of me rocking the IF merch on a brand new DV20 wing)


Holy, guess I’m gonna practice my cross country solo in IF, of course though I’ll do the nav logs and this and that first, but I will for sure do it now.


I started flying on infinite flight in 2014, 7 years later, I’m still flying, the sim has come a long way, from the space shuttle, to the 787 glitch giving it gear tilt, to global being added, 3D buildings and beautiful reworked aircraft being added, to now people becoming pilots because of this amazing sim, congrats Jason, enjoy the skies.


Infinite Flight actually got me into flight school. While I haven’t used it as something to help my flying skills yet, I’m sure I’ll start using it as I get closer to my solo test, so thanks to everyone at Infinite Flight for helping me pick a career choice that I enjoy!


I just recently hit the 40 hour mark in my PPL training and have my checkride scheduled for September 25. Infinite Flight brought my love of flying as a passenger to me pursing being a pilot. Making me realize that I can be the one flying the aircraft that I loved flying in as a passenger. Now I’m almost to my PPL and next fall I plan on going to Western Michigan to get the rest of the licenses and ratings to eventually fly for an airline. This sim helped me discover who I am and who I want to be and I can’t thank you all enough for helping me discover my passion

Approach into KMKE

Approach into KDBQ

Approach into KMSN


My Infinite Flight story began on December 12, 2012, when I stumbled upon the simulator after looking for aviation-related games. I immediately downloaded it and took off from KSFO with the Southwest 737-700 (one of those unforgettable moments). I instantly fell in love with IF, and my passion for aviation deepened.

As the simulator developed, I did too. I soon understand Bernoulli’s principle, granted I was only 7 1/2, as well as other, simple physics of an aircraft.

In 2014, I started to become more serious about aviation. I remember flying to Aruba in August and commenting on every plane I saw. Needless to say, I was super annoying about it - even my dad, who loves aviation, told me to shut up. 😅

When IFLCC (FDS at the time) released Global on October 11th, 2017, I was quick to purchase the yearly subscription. While I don’t remember my first Global flight, I sure recall the feeling of joy. I saw the world in a new view, literally.

Since Global’s release, my passion for Infinite Flight, and aviation, continued to grow. While I have yet to begin my PPL studies due to multiple unforeseen circumstances (COVID included), it is one of my top priorities, and without Infinite Flight, I don’t think I’d be encouraged to do so.

While I want to continue this message and share every bit of detail with the community, it would take far too long and probably bore you. So, I’ll keep it short and say that I am incredibly excited to see where my future lays, and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey, and a huge thank you to the developers for delivering such a wonderful simulator and IFATC for educating me.

Oh, and of course, a massive congrats to you, Jason! You’ve come a long way, and it’s amazing to hear your story. 💙

Cheers, all! 🍺


Jason is awesome 😎✈️

Infinite flight sure got me hooked to aviation from a young age even more so than I already was! Can’t wait to practice some bits in Infinite Flight once I’m further along in my training!