Getting a new phone

I am getting a new phone as I broke my previous one and I was wondering weather the One Plus 5T or the Google Pixel 2 could run Infinite flight. They both meet the requirements to play the game however I just wanted final clarification to make sure that they definitely do, before I buy either of the phones.


The google pixel 2 runs IF great! I got a new one and that is what I got. I have the pixel phone and pixel C tablet. All on high settings.

I went from Samsung S7 Edge to Pixel 2 and it was like night and day performance wise.


My uncle has the 5T and he says it has a lot of RAM and all the games he plays run like butter. He has IF on it and it looks great.


If i were to buy a new device for IF, it would be an IPad, preferably IPad Mini. The IPad has a bigger screen and is probably much smoother which would help a lot if you are ATC’ing. But if you are getting a new phone, then get a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Me too I need help. I might get a Huawei Honor 6x for Christmas but I am not sure if it can run the game. Any help will be appreciated. Thank yooouuuuu!

The OP asked between two specific devices. No need to throw out every other device as there are plenty of threads on those. Lets keep it on topic.


Ah great, that is very helpful, thank you. I will definitely consider getting the pixel now.

All flagship phones and tabs will easily run IF.

The internals are identical. (Except RAM)

RAM doesn’t play a major role since 4,6,8 are pretty high amounts.

Conclusion: Both phones should have equal performance with Infinite Flight.

The factor you have to decide is price, cameras, looks and build.

If I were you, I would go for the Oneplus 5T, the pixel 2 doesnt look nice, no dual cameras and expensive.


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