Getting a new Device!

Currently I’m running IF in my Phone. I’m getting a Tab/iPad soon just for IF and I wanted to ask something just to make sure I’m doing it all fine.

When I will actually get the new Device, I need to disconnect from the app in my mobile (if yes, how?) And connect again via ‘Switch accounts’ in the new device or the order of things doesn’t really matters?

Thx in advance!


Hey! I remember when I got my other device, so I never needed to stop the account on my phone, just don’t fly on your phone and your new device at the same time. Get a strong charger to keep it going. And just sign in through your iPad like you do through your phone.

If you hook up your IFC account then you can just sign in on your new tablet

Ok then! I will just log in from the new device, I kinda feel like I overthinking that Lol

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Will you recommend to delete the app on the phone before install it again on the tablet?

You can if you want to but not necessary:)

I would not immediately delete the IF app from your phone. Like Tyler mentioned, it’s not necessary (as long as you don’t use it simultaneously), and who knows…maybe you end up in a situation where you want to (or need to) run IF on your phone again.

P.S. I’ve got IF app installed on my iPad, my iPhone and another old iPad mini. Been fine for years.

If they’re under the same account (itunes, google play) they should just transfer with the ‘restore purchases’ button. At least it works that way on ipad. But if you’ve signed into IF with a google account or whatever, sign in to the new device with that and it should be ready to go

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Mini 5 works fantastic on highest settings. Didnt do anything to my phone when i started using the mini except redownload it from cloud. Found me and everything else.

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And in all devices you are connected to the same user I assume?

I got my new iPhone 12 yesterday and it runs like a dream, with everything maxed out. Using the same iTunes account as the one I purchased my subscription/linked my account with I was ready to go the second I opened the sim, no needing to link anything.


I still have it on my phone u good vro

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Thank you all guys!

Indeed, but you’ll have to use ur phone in a daily basis, actually all iphone can run IF perfectly:))) I usually fly IF in either iPad or iPod

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