Getting a Higher Trust Level

Good Morning Capt’s!

I am new to IFC and am in the process of trying to join a Virtual Airline but it wont let me DM anyone because I think my Trust Level is not high enough to DM from what I’ve read? I am trying to be active on here but I am not sure what the requirements are to level up or how to even check and see what my Trust Level is. Any of you have any insights?


Hey there! I order to DM someone you have to be TL1, so keep responding to posts, and you’ll get there!


Hello and welcome to the IFC. In order for you to understand the different trust levels and how to rank up, please use the following link. Hope this helps :)


Looks like you were just promoted to TL1 3 minutes ago :)

You’re at TL1 now. You should be able to send DMs.
For levelling up, check @Z-Tube ‘s reply.


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