Getting a call/switching apps, and Live Server stops working

This happened a few times and is really frustrating.

When I’m doing a flight and I need to switch apps for some reason (such as an incoming phone call), upon returning to IF, I see the green tick at the top has turned to a red exclamation mark. Pressing it, it shows that the Live Server says “Disconnected: Network Error”.

This is extremely frustrating, especially if it’s been a long flight. It doesn’t even record the landing in the user statistics.

Is there a fix/workaround to this?


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Usually it will turn green again after a few seconds. Just give it some time.
I leave the app all of the time and come back to it. If you leave it for a long period of time, the app will “close” however.

@KIND9624 Thanks for your reply.

Sometimes it turns green, but more often it just stays like that for the duration of the flight. The app wouldn’t even be closed for a long time either, just a minute or two

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This is one of the reasons why why I don’t use IF on a phone.
IF needs to be the active app all the time. If it’s pushed to background for any long period of time, things can happen…

Hmm. You could try to put you device in airplane mode for a few seconds, then come back turn it off. Sometimes if you just do a quick restart of your WiFi, it will connect again.

I’ve brought this up with our developers before, and it’s not an easy thing to resolve. As long as the operating systems stalls the application like they do when receiving calls and such, this will continue to be an issue I’m afraid.


I wish I had other options


I tried this, it doesn’t work. It’s crazy, it was literally a one minute phoen call

You know staying off the app for one or two minutes might be a bit long. Perhaps lower it to 30 second increments. (As long as your not in the phone)

And you know, the really weird thing is that the Global Server shows a green tick, but the Live Server a red exclamation mark.

So access to the servers is actually there somehow… ?

Those are basically one way communication and a bit less complex than the Live-instances :)

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Try pressing the area where it’s red in the live server and it should try to reconnect. Not sure but giveback it a try it worked once with mine

Yeah I do so when it happens, but it just doesn’t work unfortunately. Thanks for the tip anyway

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Yeah it’s not a sure bet but anyway sorry it can be really frustrating

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