[Get Your Gates Now] Leeds Bradford,A Flyout Event! @EGNM- 051400ZAUG

What date is the event?

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Thanks pal

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5th August

Welcome sir!

Be good if we had a reworked jet2 757 😉

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Hmm I am trying to convince infinite flight to do that but they don’t seem to reply to my messages/comments on instagram the EWR route is served by the 757-200 but Alligent air 757-200 is sort of similar to the Jet2 Holidays 757

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I would love to see both livery’s jet2 and holidays…holidays could have winglets and the jet2 without

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Ok that is a good point but both Jet2 757’s have winglets

Some do, there are still a few that don’t and I personally prefer the ones that don’t have them. That’s just a personal thing.
Winglet or not it shouldn’t need near takeoff thrust to taxi 😉

Holidays livery
Sorry will not post any more as it’s slightly off topic


Ok I admit defeat 😂 the 757 Jet2.com doesnt have winglets but it is only on G-LSAA-G-LSAJ

That is Leeds Bradford airport simply because of the Start of the video 😂

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It isn’t off topic either because the filming is at Leeds Bradford 😂

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