Get XP for solo

Since the game is crashing because of the server overload, no worries, with this new feature you will now get your grade up with Solo/XP mode!

Here is how it works

You only gain XP when you have made a full flight, so if you just fooled around in this mode, You will not get Anything, how ever, if the game sees that you have done a flight, then you get the same XP and “Points” as you would if you were online

And PLUS, if the game is lagging for you, feel free to fly in this new mode because, No Server overload for you (because you are on solo)

I think this will be a great feature for the iPhones that lag a lot, and if you experience many crashes

There are the same rules for expert server On this mode

  1. You can not Edit your Weight and balance after leaving the gate
  2. Same violations, such as Overspeed, large aircraft a big airport
    And so on

Keep in mind this, there will be 2 typs of solo mode, this one that I want in the game, and just regular solo that we have in the game right now

There is no real reason to not vote, go ahead please vote 😀

Yeah…no…the point of XP is that it has only been gained on the live servers - where you are potentially restricted by ATC - in terms of the number of flights you can do in a day. If this were a thing - people could bash out loads of flights a day without having to worry about ATC - people would have a lot more XP than they would have if XP was a live-server-only thing


Also there are still long loading times to get onto Solo - so this would make no difference because Solo is a server in itself.

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But the sim does not have to load all the aircraft

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So? It still has to load all the scenery, etc…

When 20.1 came out - I did some 777 testing in SOLO, and it took 10 minutes to load in, just like the live servers.

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Isn’t the point of Solo just to fly without getting violations and train and that? This would also be a way for people to just do endless flights and gain mega amounts of XP because you can refuel whenever/ wherever you want. You can also put yourself on final and just do heaps of landings to up your XP gain…

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Hold up!
Let me edit the topic for a second

The Servers have now been stabilized so you shouldn’t be experiencing any long waiting times or crashes. The only reason your device may be crashing is due to the fact it’s probably a relatively older device. If this feature was brought up as an alternative to this then I don’t see the point of it anymore considering the servers are back up and running again :)

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With this - people will be easily able to get to Grade 5 in just a couple of months without having to worry about violations, etc…!


Ok guys, I made the topic better, and fixed all your guys complaints, go ahead and re-read it

And everybody eles

That’s exactly what I mean. It would be a cheat way without having to deal with vio’s

So this is essentially turning SOLO mode into the Expert Server minus ATC.

Ummmm…that wouldn’t be popular as most people I am sure would rather have ATC.

look at the bottom

See, there will be 2 of solos

I saw the additional SOLO mode - thats just an extra server for the developers to manage - that means more processing power required = more money required = app price/sub price goes up.

That I assure you, would not be popular.

Ok then, we’ll I tried 😭

I vote for this tbh

Thank you for your vote 😀

  1. Jump in solo
  2. Set winds to 100kts downwind during flight
  3. Do some touch and go with 40kts crosswinds
  4. Profits

Yeah, not sure it’s a good idea

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