Get To Know The Community | Aviation Edition

Lovely to be on this list, thanks @Balloonchaser !

I’m currently converting my FAA commercial (single + multi) licence to an Indian DGCA one. If anyone has any questions about either of the licenses or the processes involved in getting them, or questions about aviation and studying for the pilot exams, feel free to hit me up!

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Whenever @RTG113 gets a balloon ride with Jack we’re chaning the balloon pic to this

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Read this topic this morning. actually was very interesting to read this, and surprised how much was dug up! Amazing what this community actually holds. Thanks Jack for creating this topic, very rarely do I really gain interest to read more on an informative topic.


That’s what it’s all about Zac! Replacing yourself in this industry is critical to the long term survival of aviation as a whole. Hopefully this topic has sparked a thought in some users minds — if it has, reach out to anyone listed on this topic. Every single one of them is willing to answer questions and help you find your niche. ✈️

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Thank you for shining a light on the military community. And to my fellow brothers and sisters in ARMs and vets with hobbies lol it’s great to share this community space with all of you :)

Off we go into the wild blue yonder🛫

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Oh wow! My first time getting mentioned. Thank you for including me in this post, and as always, a lovely post. ♥️ Hiya to the rest of the community 😁

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In a bit you can add me :D As long as I dont fail the medical, I am gonna be a German ATC! I just got accepted after a stressing selection process!


@Balloonchaser Can I be added to fixed wing. I’ll have my PPL in a few months 😀

You can add me to fixed wing as well. I will be a Commercial Pilot and CFI here in the next year to year and a half :)

(If you don’t believe me, look at my profile pic/real world aviation topics ;) )

Looks good. Thanks!

Hey! Any chance I could get added?

I am an above-wing Gate Agent for United and Delta at KATW

I also am a part-time ramper for UA and DL at ATW.


Would love to hook up with some fast mover/military aircraft drivers. I’m a disabled Marine and use this simulator to pass time when I’m hurting pretty bad (depleted uranium poisoning from Desert Storm). I’m trying to get my children and grand children to start getting involved in this as well.


To be a Glider Pilot is one of the best feeling when you‘re young! 😍