Get rid of the spoilers being disarmed under 40kts rule

the update is great but this new rule about spoilers being disarmed under 40kts is really annoying. It’s not realistic because I need them armed when doing the flight controls check after pushback and I usually turn off the spoilers after I’ve gotten off the runway when landing when I’m usually doing 25kts or less because that’s more realistic. The spoilers being turned off after 40 kts should only apply when using the autobrake feature.


Yeah spoilers always get out down after pulling off the runway.

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IF based this feature off of information from various reliable sources (actual pilots). However, as with most features it is likely to improved upon and upgraded in future versions.

explain to me how anyone can do the flight controls check now with this new feature about spoilers being disarmed under 40kts. there’s clearly massive functionally issues with this new update.

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Laura will be addressing this on the release thread.

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