Get rid of "controller rating too low to report users" on TS1

So I was just controlling and this person requested pushback, and I approved it. When they finished, they requested to taxi to the not-in-use runway end. I told them to taxi to the end that was in use. After that, they requested again to taxi to the not-in-use runway end. I told them to taxi to the one that is in use. They kept requesting, even after me telling them to follow instructions and check help pages. After about 5 minutes (it doesn’t seem like a lot but it is) going back and forth they decided to quit. There was another plane requesting pushback and I had to hold them because the rule-breaker wouldn’t move.
I know there’s some of you that will say “we can’t repeal it, trolls will come on ATC and report good people” but all reports get submitted and if the person reported has done nothing wrong then they will not be in trouble. This has not only happened this time it’s happened PLENTY of times in the past, and I’m sure there are other TS1 controllers that are fed up as well.
No hard feelings towards the community, just the rule breakers.
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The button actually does report a user. You just need three of those in order to be able to ghost someone from the server. I know it sounds weird with the rating thing, but it works.


Maybe another pilot reported them.

Oh thank you for letting me know.

Maybe then they let you know it works 😂

I know it’s a real pain to deal with training server players, but that’s the purpose of the server: to train for ATC and to train for flying on the expert server. It’s quite sad to see people do this, to be honest, but that’s what free will is.

If you do want to train for ATC to control on the expert server, you can always make a topic about it (in the #live:atc category) on the forums and invite the community to help you! I’d recommend opening an airport in a region that isn’t busy. By doing this method, you don’t get fed up with the annoying and stubborn players whom are ruining the experience for others on the training server. :)

Just a small correction: This only shows up when in desktop mode on mobile or if you use a PC or Mac.


Please wait until you are a member (TL2) before posting a feature request. Thank you 🙂.


No one has the time or sense to report on training server, even if they did it wouldn’t be called “training” server. Just keep calm and control on TS1 till you control in the big league. As @CptNathanHope said, you can open an inactive region on TS1 and post here. I’m very sure some of us will turn up and give you good feedback in order for you to prepare for expert.


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