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Started a new subscription. Opened the Infinite Flight app, no sub. Click on get pro tab, log into my IFC account, give access, return to the homepage, get pro.

Any ideas?

Hi there! Can you try the following?

  • Tap “Get Pro”
  • In the bottom right, tap “I already have an account”
  • Login with Google or Facebook, then connect your IFC account afterward

For more information on subscriptions, see this User Guide section.

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The account I’m using is not registered to the Google account I use.

The IFC option is the only option to sign in.

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Hang on so your Infinite Flight account was made with your IFC account?

Is that even possible? - I though the account had to be either Google/Facebook and the IFC thing is just a username linkage thing.

It’s complicated BennyBoy trust me. Is Cameron about lol?

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I’m sure at least one of the mods/staff is around to help you :)

Logging in with your IFC account would work if you have an active subscription on another device that’s linked to the respective account. However, if you’re on one device and are trying to sign in, I believe you’ll have to use Google or Facebook. Did you purchase this subscription on the Google Play Store/Apple Store?

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You are on Android yes?

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Yes Chris I am

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May I ask why you purchased a new subscription? Was your old one cancelled or set to expire?

Have you rebooted your device? Sometimes this is common with google play where it just syncs everything up.

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It expired. No restart yet. Will try that now.

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Same result I’m afraid

So to confirm.

If you don’t have a pro sub anymore, you get logged out of your account?

May i ask how you did this? Are you on Android? :)

Oh hey Seb :) It’s me trouble again 😅

Yeah on Android, the last sub expired.

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Always the same people causing issues ;) Lol.

How did you resubscribe?

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Always 😉

Through the Google Play Store

So you didn’t do it via the app but using the “Resubscribe” function from within Play Store?

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I’ve had a conversation with Cam, the Google accounts are messed up. The Google account I use now is not the same linked to my Infinite Flight account. Cam said he can’t switch them 🙁

What I did do was I had already linked my IF account to IFC and I was able to login to the app through the IFC login instead of Google

This time though no joy