Get Off The IFC And Step Outside

Hello people :)

Today was a rainy, windy, foggy, miserable day (and it still is). So I thought to myself… Why not go flying?

Here are some pictures I took of my flight, followed by some pictures I took during my lunch at Lognes airport (LFPL).

Some very nice rays of sun peeking through the clouds

Lognes Airport seen from above (a cirrus pilot forced me to do a 360 but it offered for a nice view)

Another picture of Lognes, and a DR400 on short final runway 26 (try to find it ;)

A Panning shot of F-GORQ

F-HOOP, a good-looking Tecnam (all P2008s look good)

F-GJQK doing engine tests after maintenance

A picture of the rain falling in front of the landing and taxi lights :)

F-HADP, a nice looking DR400 that cut off 2 people on base (including me)…

A happy pilot (faces blurred for privacy)

Bonus: My absolutely amazing santa pilot costume to cheer up the day

Only positive feedback is welcome.

Thanks a lot for having a look at my pictures! I’ll be on my way removing the moisture from my lens now if you don’t mind!

Have a wonderful winter, IFC!


Notice how empty the thread is?

Only kidding, nice topic


They’re too busy admiring my hat to comment 🙃

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Why are you flying and photographing 🧐

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What’s that green thing on the ground?

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Why not?


It’s the green pavement like at LAX I believe.

Idk… maybe best to focus on flying?

JK, I’m sure you were being really safe

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Oh dont worry :) I only take pictures when it’s safe. So I either set my phone on the window and it takes pictures by itself or if there’s something really really cool I just give the controls to the instructor for a few seconds, take a pic, and take them back.

(Btw that’s why the pictures of the Lognes airport are blurry on the sides; since the phone was against the window, the vibrations of the engines made it wobble haha)


Nice shots monsieur! Always love seeing a topic of yours pop up.

As for the title: No, no I will not.

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Merci beaucoup!

To be expected tbh :)

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Anytime :) .

I’m that predictable ay…

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You’re not a private pilot yet ? Thought you were

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Still a student :)

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Super topic, les photos sont super belles!

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Thank you very much!

isn’t it kinda ironic that we have to be on the IFC to see this?

Anyways, wonderful pictures!

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I won’t tell people to go outside if they’re already outside 😉
Thanks for the compliment!

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Admirables photos Monsieur. That’s all I know in French lol

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Aww thank you! <3

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