Get me out of this community

I want my account deleted and I want to stop receiving all types of emails from this place, even though I tried they keep showing up in my inbox as well as my junk

Please contact a mod if you would like to remove your account. Also in settings you can turn off emails.

Who is a mod that can do this ASAP

I’m sure everyone would rather work this out and find a solution than have you leave…

Otherwise you cold PM @ moderators (no space)

Hang tight. Should be with you shortly via PM.

Theres no need for the entire community to be involved. Just let them make it a PM and we will move on.


Hey mate sad to see you go, if you would like to stay and stop receiving messages, be sure to check out the notifications page where you can change those things.



Sometimes people can need some time. Arrange mail options. Then give a rest yourself. Maybe, after a while you will want to come back but it could be late.

Seems like he wants out of here.

Shoot me a PM if you need some help. Hang in there :)