Get me off training ATC! 😡

Can’t wait to get into expert ATC this k**b N632WW has done this for all of my 2hr30 session at OMDB, requesting to transition my airspace immediately after takeoff, saying “going around” immediately after take off and just getting in other aircrafts way as shown in the attached photo throughout the duration of my controlling 😡😡😡

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That’s training server for ya.


If you really think that something bad enough happened you can report it to @moderators but considering this is the TS not much can be done. Sorry.

Also if your wondering how to control in the ES check this link:

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


He didn’t have a name on or anything just N32WW so wouldn’t be able to find out who it was? He was just being an absolute pain basically trolling as they do on expert, he taxiid without permission entered the runway when I had an aircraft on 3 mile final give him his due he exited the runway when I told him to and requested take off that last time but the whole session he was trolling the whole time, roll on 18th October for my retest.

I’ve already applied for IFATC but failed three times due to lack of knowledge however been practice everyday and feel confident now that I’ll pass

Yep I’d of stayed on all day on OMDB but I just closed because I’d had enough of him.

Actually you can clear a place for immediate takeoff when there’s a plane on 3nm final.(if they actually expedite) But they still shouldn’t have entered the runway.

Also keep in mind not everyone is on the forum.

Ohh yeah I know that and use that when their is enough space but he wasn’t quite at the runway threshold when the incoming was 3nm final he had passed that 3nm mark when he Started to go onto the runway, I had to send a plane around at the start of my session because he had just entered the runway yeah I don’t think he is on here I just come here for a moan about it lol

Hey @JasonG!

I apologize that you ran into some trolls while controlling, it’s truly unfortunate when they have to come around when you’re trying to learn, but I have a suggestion for you. I did a bit of looking around, and I see you have a tracking thread! Tracking threads are a great opportunity to set up at a smaller airport (PM me if you can’t think of any), and let IFC members stop by if any can make it. I’d suggest opening that next time, and maybe pick a different airport, rather than opening at OMDB which can get hectic at times, and really absorb the feedback that the IFC members give you after the session, truly evaluating a session and checking the replay can really help!

Hope to see you in IFATC soon.


Hey Shane,

Thank you for the reply yeah it happens quite a lot at Dubai the trollers come out of the woodwork lol, I’ll give you a message just now thank you.


I know your pain, Dubai is a hell to control at. I’ll suggest you use Manchester (EGCC) instead - from my experience you will get flights from all around British isles (mostly from EGLL), but the quality of the pilots is much better. And you also get to play with an interesting layout, so win-win in my opinion


Thanks yeah a few people have made that same suggestion thank you 😁

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