Get kicked from the server

Well I am quite unexpected to see such thing happened like this happened again. The game said I have the other device using my account to log in and kicked me out of the live server. But c’mon, I only have one working device. How can my account be logged in though other devices? This is not the first time being kicked out of the server without reason. If the problem still exists, how come I still continue wasting my money on sosomething that keep frustrates me? The Google says I have three mobile devices logged in with my account.Screenshot_20190317-043318_Google%20Play%20services
The A9 is my mum’s phone without Infinite Flight downloaded. The C9 pro is my current device and the C5 was broken. A device which you can’t even switch it on. This is not even a strong excuse to kick me. I should land Amsterdam 3 hour later. I don’t even know what adjectives should I use now.

Hello! How long did had the current flight session been active?

9 hours and 21 minutes

As a test, get rid of the other devices except for your own and then see if you still get kicked out the server.

After exiting from the first flight, I successfully entered the game again

@schyllberg , still no reasonable explanation on the system’s fault?

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