Germany TFR's on Expert Server?

Sorry if this has been asked already (mods please delete if the case).

What is up with the weird pattern of TFR’s over Germany on the expert server right now?

I tried googling Germany TFR’s. But all that came up was German Total Fertility Rates 🤔

Thanks Guys and Happy Monday

Hey there. TFR means Temporary Flight Restrictions. Acts as a type of NOTAM.
Those TFR’s are for the Wednesday Event organised by Misha and Tyler.


If I’m not wrong I think it is a SID/STAR for the ATC event happening there in a few days.

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Misha is whipping something up in the kitchen.

🎂 🥧 ☕️


Haha, I know what TFR’s are. Just couldn’t get anything but Fertility Rates when googling. Thanks for the explanation though.

That makes sense, I thought it was a real world thing and was very confused.

That makes sense. I thought they were carried over from real life. Never seen a pattern like that before.


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Yep, and the Wednesday Event is in my hometown, I work nearby EDDI, 500 meters to walk…

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Just out of question, are you actually freely allowed to walk on the runway at Tempelhof Park?

Yes, 6 km round.Great for bike and run.

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