Germanwings Crash - Families Angered

The families of the Germawings Crash Flight 9525, were angered today by a comment by the Co-Pilots father

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the crash in which all 144 passengers and all 6 crew died. The Crash was the cause of suicidal Co-Pilot Andreas Lubritz who locked the pilot out of the cockpit and then grabbed the controls and sent the A320-211 (D-AIPX) straight into the Alps.

The Co-Pilots father angered the families by saying that the cockpit door jammed and the Co-Pilot passed out in the controls. This is highly unlikely, but that’s just my opinion. Read more below:

Physics of the Crash (For those interested):


Thank you good sir for putting thought and content into your RWA post! Cheers.
In ideas of the crash, I find it highly unlikely the cockpit door would somehow jam and the first officer would conveniently faint at the controls right when no help is around. Just my opinion but the probability of all the right facets coming together to form this father’s idea is very slim.


It’s for a good cause. There was no reason for these people to die if the airline had figured out the Co-Pilot was mentally unstable.

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well, the father of the co-pilot is just ignoring all the evidence of the Black boxes, and the data from professional psychologists, and experts in related fields. His claim has no evidence to back it up. Right? I might be wrong.


Right he’s wrong or he’s wrong about being right or right about being wrong or…yeah lol it makes sense when you put it like that. You’d have to be a little bit biased for your son, to ignore mounds of evidence.

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Yeah sure. especially when his argument is “My son was a very responsible person”

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