Germanwings A320

There is no Germanwings livery in Infinite Flight yet. I really like it and it looks awesome


Is was not me somone has hacked me!!!

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I like the livery! We need it! Any livery related to LH is good!


I like it to


Ok, thank you, I was wondering why it was flagged.

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I think both should be added

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it would be cool, what wouldn’t be cool is that if that rego was on that plane that crashed into the french alps

Would be nice to see this for global

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We need this one aswell!

Bringing this back up👀

Any reason for? But I do like the livery tho

For more attention;)

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Ok my friend well I like this livery.

Does anybody have noticed that the plane in your picture @InfiniteFlightPlays is D-AIPX and that’s exactly the plane from 4U 9525…

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Really? I didin’t know that

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Shall I change the picture?

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Oh snap. That’s weird!

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I like it!

Bumping this because it is gonna be retired soon and repainted in Eurowings Livery

its so beautyful sad that we dont have any germanwings planes in IF