Germanwings A319

I think this livery is definetly missing for the a319. Even though German Wings has recently merged with Euro Wings, I think that this livery should still be added for IF.

German Wings operates a fleet of 43 a319’s.

Happy Landings to you all :)


Looks way too cool! I love it!

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There’s so many A320 family livery requests, I would be fine if they took a break after the Q400 and just worked on liveries. I really want a jetBlue A321, after all.


I love this but Germanwings won’t operate within a year so there isn’t a point adding it :p

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why not? Just because German Wings will cease operations, doesn’t mean that the devs can’t add the livery. Especially if it’s a beautiful one like this.

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Don’t get me wrong it’s my favourite company but I think I’ve seen developers refuse to do liveries from out of service operators :p

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Um, they refuse to do liveries because they don’t make the liveries.

I’m not quite sure what you mean…

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German wings did not merge they rebranded!!!

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That’s true. I think it’s a shame. I like German Wings!

Then maybe you should take a look at the B742…

They transferred their planes to Austrian Airlines so that the planes would fit under the business model of cheap

They are adding some new livery’s for the A320 family, maybe it’ll be added too :)

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Yes we need this

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Eh they make the us airways so why not

Would love to see this added, as I’ve flown with them and they were great.

I would love to see it in the game