Germanwings A319 "Mhhhh, Baden-Württemberg."

This one is awesome. And a bit retro aswell:


I dont like it, this may look nice on the newer livery though

It looks retro and cute! I’d love this.


That tounge makes it look sooo cute!

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It has two. One on each side. 😂

Love that!

I’m not a fan, it’s a little too retro.

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cute, love that tounge

I don’t like the look of that plane, it makes it look very old and a but ugly

The plane has basically the old Germanwings livery with a face and a speech bubble. They got a new one of course:

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Well I just don’t like the old livery but I love the current one

And that’s the normal old one.

I want this livery because Baden-Wurttemberg is the best region of Germany. Reason enough to add it. XD

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The only region, where people prefer wine and don’t drink beer (mostly).

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XD not sure whether to say state or region lol

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Google means “federal state”.

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I love that one so cute