Germania Flug Rebranding: Chair

The Swiss airline „Germania Flug“ (not to confuse with the German „Germania“ that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year) is about to rebrand drastically.

Germania Flug was founded in August 2014 in cooperation with the German airline Germania (40% minority equity) and Swiss investors (60% majority equity). Therefore, Germania Flug was not affected by the bankruptcy of its then German shareholder Germania in February 2019, and continued its operations. Short after, it has been announced that all shares formerly held by the German Germania branch have been sold to Albex Aviation, which also owns Air Prishtina.

In relation to that, Germania Flug now announced its rebranding. They will now be called “chair” (not like in “the chair”, as CH stands for Switzerland like DE for Germany or FR for France. funny pun though). In addition to the new name, they will get an amazing looking new livery.



I’ll post more news in this topic as soon as I hear more. Maybe I’ll even create a feature request for the new livery. Looks nice.

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Source (German):
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An airline called Chair 😂 I like that livery though. Germania’s livery was always too boring to me.


At least this livery is better than the last one

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If anyone’s still confused, it’s more like CH Air, not like the ones you sit on that have legs.


While you’re right that it’s should be reading CH Air I fell like it still is written chair on the aircraft… Read somewhere they like the implications😉

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I knew it was supposed to be CH Air the entire time, but I couldn’t help but make the joke 😅

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Here is a English source!

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