Germania Boeing 737-700

Copyright Jan Arik Ittensammer
Nice green livery :)


This would be a nice edition to go along with the reworking of this aircraft (cabin & cockpit lights) that I want so badly


Bearifulll livery

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One of my favourite liveries of all time, simple but memorable, I’m in :)

Yes please I’ll certainly fly this

737 look like very squishy up it should be a longer to looking good

A 737 (737-700) is like that

If you want longer, the 738s and the 739s should impress you

I like 737 but some 737 squish some long

Yes, the older ones like the -700 and anything before is shorter while the newer ones like the 738 and the 739 are long

I love Germania’s livery! This needs to be on IF!

Yes please

They should also add the A321 with sharklets

This should be added, looks great!