Germania Airlines A321 livery

Hello my fellow aviation lovers,

I am sure many of you still remember Germania.
Germania was a 1986 founded german airline which ceased operations in february 2019.
4 million passengers flew every year with this airline and their 1376 employees.
It flew to destinations across Europe and the near East with their 34 aircrafts (A319/A320/A321 and 737-700).
Germania also placed an order of 25 A320neo.

If you miss this incredible airline as much as I do feel free to leave a vote for a Germania A321 livery.

I really appreciate your support

Can I see the real livery?

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I’m sorry but you can only request one feature per topic… are you asking for the Germania A321 livery? If so, I would recommend changing the topic’s title and simplifying the main post body.


EDIT: Looks great! :)

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Here you go

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I still know when I flew that plane in real life. So it’s getting a vote from me

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Thanks, I really appreciate your support 🙂

I flew with them a few years ago!
Cologne - Gran Canaria and loved this airline. Unfortunately, I no longer have votes available, but you have my 100% support!

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Thank you so much : )