Germania airline files for bankruptcy

Germania was founded in 1986 as a successor to the Cologne-based airline Special Air Transport. According to its own figures, the Airline transported with the green and white Logo route every year more than four million passengers on Short – and medium -haul, within Europe, to North Africa and the Middle East. Together with the Swiss Germania flight AG and the Bulgarian Eagle Germania currently operates a fleet of 37 aircraft.

8th January

On Tuesday evening, the airline announced that it is considering several options to secure short-term liquidity needs. Due to increased costs, several airlines in Europe had gone into bankruptcy in the past year; including Small Planet and SkyWork, which also flew targets from Bremen. The Irish budget airline Ryanair had also justified the closure of its base in Bremen with increased cost pressure.

4th February

Berlin-based airline Germania has filed for bankruptcy and cancelled all flights with immediate effect, the company said early Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, we ultimately failed to successfully complete our financing efforts to meet short-term liquidity needs,” said managing director Karsten Balke in a statement.

The future of aviation in Europe are the national companies, I hardly see any others to be capable of facing rise in operational costs.

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The joke is I didn’t even know Small Planet went until I seen this post 😨

Neither did but I guess they don’t exist anymore.

What a shame, they are starting flights to my airport this summer. I hope they ll still be around by then.

RIP not another airline like Air Berlin.

Apparently they are in promising talks with investors at the moment. I hope thr airline doesn’t dissapear. 😥

they got investors but the didn’t pay jet so they also didn’t pay the stuff at the moment

Yesterday it happened… Germania ceased operations yesterday.

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I was just waiting for this to happen. I knew it was about time. Thanks for sharing

Just info for everyone I have updated this topic.

Sadly sadly again a german. My camera for planespotting comes soon but wouldn’t take shots of a germania a320 :( Lufthansa would get a monopol in my city or easyjet comes to Bremen. Ryanair already took away there 737’s from here so we’ll have a smaller number of airtraffic. World is unfair

it is a shame but I could see it coming. Everyone what’s to fly cheap and only the big airlines can manage to buy a lot of fuel for a good price and make profit.

Another one bites the dust. Sad to see another airline go.

its sad that another Airline is gone. I made an event post to say goodbye if you want you can join.

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There is still (very little) hope. A group if investors lead by former airberlin-CEO Joachim Hunold is trying to save the airline. I hope that they will succeed.

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