German Tourist Spring Break Destinations

As most of you Europeans know, Germans like to work hard and play hard. When spring comes thy go in hordes to unique travel destinations like Tunisia, Egypt, or Greece. What are some cool flights to do from Berlin or a Frankfurt that Germans go to ?

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Found this from a quick google search:

‘The most frequent destination of Germans is the Mediterranean. Spain, especially the Balearic island of Mallorca, has been the favourite country of many German holidaymakers for many years, with Italy and Turkey in places two and three. In the summer of 2017, Greece, Croatia and Morocco are also in trend’

I’d recommend looking at the destinations budget airlines or low cost carriers fly to most frequently. Those are often popular vacation destinations

Canary Islands. I assume that’s a pretty big destination

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I assume this is all Infinite Flight related right?

Yeah it is it has to do with routes

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Thanks for all the help guys I have picked to go to the Balearic Islands today! You can close the topic down

Have fun! Close request granted ;)

Levet out! ✌️